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Ollie Trevers examines the depressive mind through the filmic soundscape of ‘Stage Of Fools’

“Stage Of Fools” encapsulates a universal feeling of solitude, worthlessness, or nihilism. I like to think that although the content of the song itself is quite depressing, the song’s very existence is comforting in a sense…because knowing that someone else has felt this way indicates that you’re not alone.”

About ‘Stage Of Fools’

Taking its title from an immortal line in Shakespeare’s King Lear, ‘Stage Of Fools’ focuses on the disillusionment a person feels from their own reality. It is a feeling crystallised both in the thought loops of the depressive mind, and in the nihilism of Shakespeare’s antiheroes. Life is a ‘stage of fools’ or a ‘poor player, who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more.’ Taking these ancient sentiments as a springboard, Ollie Trevers unpacks their themes of existential emptiness. The song starts with an expansive and filmic soundscape that, through handclaps and coruscating guitars, builds to a wave that buoys us over the bleak nothingness of the void. It’s stormy, melodic, relatable, and vital music from an artist who marries a unique sound with psychological acuity.

Track Listings - Cordelia EP

1 - Dispassionate Love

2 - Can’t Make It Up

3 - Stage Of Fools 

4 - I Need Someone

5 - Lost Alone

About ‘The EP’ 

Cordelia evokes themes of heartache, melancholia, catharsis and emotional claustrophobia. It is about feelings which often transcend our ability to describe them in words. With his idiosyncratic ear for melody and hooks, and a dynamic sense of opposites (light and dark, loud and quiet, bitter and sweet etc.), Ollie Trevers fires a salvo of emotionally charged numbers that cull influence from across the spectrum of popular guitar music. Cordelia is a narrative of heartbreak, showing the duality of relationships and their untimely endings. It is an exploration of unrequited love and its causes and effects: depression, addiction, disillusionment and longing.

About Ollie Trevers

London based singer/songwriter Ollie Trevers studied at Leeds College of Music and ICMP. He started writing and performing music at fourteen years old, harbouring artistic aspirations from the very beginning. A veteran of the band circuit, Ollie released his first solo EP Saucy Naughty Rubbish in 2018. Stylistically, the record saw Ollie exploring a powerful and energetic blend of post-punk and classic rock. His musical direction has since evolved into the five songs you hear on his new EP Cordelia. It is a kaleidoscopic meeting of styles, channeling punk, alt rock, prog, blues, folk, and psychedelia. Ollie takes inspiration from artists such as Led Zeppelin, Ella Fitzgerald, Edith Piaf, Tim Buckley, Jeff Buckley, Pink Floyd, Queen, Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell and David Bowie. Having only performed with his new band since March 2019, Ollie toured in the South of France a few months later. He plans to tour Britain, Europe and Nashville throughout 2020.

You can find Ollie’s Music on Spotify and iTunes.

See Ollie Trevers live

20th October - Camden Assembly, London

2nd November - 229 Great Portland Street, London

15th November - TBD 

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