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Omar Addis - Aperture

I am Omar Addis, a 20-year-old artist from Cardiff. I have been making music for almost 8 years and have collaborated with artists such as Julian Lamadrid and Heavy Pulse. I have only started releasing music independently in the last year, with my debut EP having been released on the 19th September 2018.

I would describe my music as chilled, ethereal, psychedelic and melancholic. I make music for relaxation; most of my music is downtempo, but all of it has a relaxed, clean, airy production with hard hitting rhythms and thought provoking lyrics. The tracks are guitar based, but feature electronic elements, drawing influence from a vast collection of genres.

My new song “Aperture” is my second official release and is a great example of this fusion of styles. The song is about self image in the age of social media and its effects on a person.

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