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One Of Those Days

One Of Those Days (feat. Tom Jordan) is a collaborative track between three main artists: Matias Malagardis, Ax T, Flower Bones; and featured artist Tom Jordan.

The idea of the song started off in the beginning of this year with Spanish singer/songwriter and producer Matias Malagardis, who laid down the beat, chord progression and chorus melody. The lyrics mainly speak about the kind of days when all you want to do is chill on your own and simply do nothing. The song was picked up again during lockdown, where Spanish singer/songwriter Ax T (chorus and bridge) and British singer/songwriter Flower Bones (verses) did their thing, with two very contrasting styles and voices. Finally, Tom Jordan (lead guitarist, UK) laid down some tasteful guitar chords as well as one of those solos that hits you right where you want it to. All of it was recorded in each of the artists bedrooms (respecting them lockdown rules) and produced and mixed in Matias Malagardis’ home studio.

The song was released on July 25th 2020, and it’s the first collaboration of many to come between these musicians.


Madrid-born Matias Malagardis is a 21-year old singer/songwriter and producer, who walks in the footsteps of Jack Johnson and Ben Howard, with his mellow and melodic pop songs. He first stepped into the scene in 2018, when he released his first EP ‘Winter By The Sea’. All of his work has included guitarist Tom Jordan. This 2020 he has been working closely with Ax T, writing and producing songs from his home studio in Madrid.

Spanish singer/songwriter Ax T (Alejandro Torreblanca) is highly influenced by the likes of Milky Chance and Chet Faker among others. He is currently working with producer Matias Malagardis, with whom he released his first single ‘The Wolves’ in April 29th 2020. One Of Those Days is the second collaborative single of many to come this year.

Flower Bones is British singer/songwriter and producer Liam Temple’s solo project where he makes mostly indie/electronic music.

All his music is independently made in his bedroom, where he writes and records. He also works with other artists and bands to make songs across genres.

UK Guitarist, Tom Jordan merges his influences of RnB, Jazz and Hip-Hop to shape harmonically rich guitar layers and textures. Jordan started working closely with Matias Malagardis back in 2018, and has been until today.

He is currently involved in a variety of different projects and is frequently seeking for collaborations with other creatives.

Discovered via Musosoup