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Ooberfuse - Christmas Time

When the Amazon rain forest burned like an apocalyptic inferno in August this year it was not only flora, fauna and wildlife that were destroyed : the homes, habitats and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of indigenous peoples went up in smoke too. The children of a Lancashire school have asked themselves the question : what will the children of the indigenous Amazon peoples be doing this Christmas now that their homes have been destroyed? To help their counterparts, they have formed a choir to release a Christmas single.

Choir director Greg Mann adds 'London band Ooberfuse have done school workshops with us in the past so when they asked us to collaborate on a music project I jumped at the opportunity. The children have been looking for ways to help the brothers and sisters who dwell in the Amazon rainforest. We decided therefore to release a charity single to raise money for Survival International who work directly with indigenous peoples in the worst effected areas of South America.

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