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Ooberfuse - Fly High video

Fly High is the brand new single from Ooberfuse.

'and they can make you scream and try and kill your dream....you were made to fly to where the dream will never die...'

Fly High is an anthem for the defiant, the resilient and the ageless soul of the heart that survives all brutal assaults. When what you treasure has been trashed, when the vision you behold has been defaced, when your purest dream had been poisoned, it's all too easy to bury all that matters beneath disillusionment and disaffectedness. This song resists that all-too-easy tendency. Tears can only sting...they can never wash away the straining aspirations emanating from that uncrushable spark evident in even the darkest night.

The track is energised by a frenetic pulse at an impossible 190bpm. A dancing bass sequence is lit up by Cherrie's nonchalant vocal whose understatement serves to push the message even further than at first was possible. With South Korean boyband guitarist JVNR the track builds to a sonic firework extravaganza in its dying phases.

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