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OSCA - Youth

As OSCA ventured on their journey to Japan in 2018 to hit the Tokyo clubs, they had the secret plan to show the world that there's a loophole to Oscaland on the other side of the world too. It's a place where their panda friends, giant teddybears, latex princesses and shining twins would join them on skyscraper rooftops, talking escalators and tv shows on 10 squaremeters, while delivering a breathtaking performance of aquatic ballet in public bathing houses and finally dancing under a giant moon to a cheering crowd. This huge frenzy, plus a decent chunk of Japanese childhood memories and an overload of Ramen resulted in the anthem of this tour, the new single “YOUTH”.

OSCA, an opulent hyperpop/electronica act born in the womb of Bavarian mountains and Japanese skyscrapers, slow-cooked in Berlin

OSCA is a Japanese German hyperpop/electronica act based in Berlin and created by singer/producer/violinist Yuka Otsuki, keyboarder/pianist Matthias Erhard and drummer/trumpet Dominik Scherer. Their music consists of opulent arrangements and heavy beats, extravagant costumes and stories about dames & dandies, sailors & sorcerers, mistresses & murderers. OSCA's love for majestic classical music and futuristic bombastic sounds all come together in one huge feast on stage. It‘s a supertemporal musical statement, an anthem dedicated to beauty, a trip into your very personal Lalaland. OSCA has released their first album “OPUS I” and single “Run Faster Run” in 2015. “Youth” is their second single and will be followed by an EP.

VOGUE Germany - "The Japanese-German Band combines a wide range of Indie-Pop Electronic Anthems and jazz-infused emotional elements with a touch of self ironic humor. These influences manage to generate a vast array of sounds ranging from hyper modern to something almost classical . Above all these components shines the fascinating voice of lead singer Yuka Otsuki."

BARKS Japan - “the smell of decadence and sensualism as in "Les Fleurs du mal" by Baudelaire”

GQ Magazine - "this noble-pop act doesn't lack opulence. The powerful voice of Yuka Otsuki carries you off already with the first song "Run Faster Run" on the album…sublime."

OSCA has pleased the crowds of -** Philharmonics Berlin, EXPO Milan, Fusion Festival, Support Sophie Hunger, Hafensommer Würzburg, Modular Festival, Nippon Connection Filmfestival, Brechtbühne, Admiralspalast, GQ Magazine Launch, Google Creative, Campari Red Nights etc...Tours in Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Japan

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