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P.S. November - Love Her Tomorrow (single)

The moods of P.S. November

P.S. November is a singer-songwriter and college student majoring in Japanese from Provo, Utah, USA. He has been playing piano, making music, and singing ever since he was a little kid. Most of his songs are inspired by his experiences with relationships and heartache; others communicate messages of depression and nostalgia.

P.S. November about his new single: "Love Her Tomorrow is a song about wanting to go back in time and have a second chance instead of facing the future. A nostalgic longing for the past can only do so much, so the best alternative is seen as brooding in loneliness and misery until able to fully come to terms with mistakes made in a relationship."

For fans of: The Weeknd, Years & Years

Love Her Tomorrow is released this week and available for purchase/streaming on all known digital platforms

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