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Panic Station Release New Single

Together since 2013 Panic Station are a solid front for any club or festival stage. Panic Station have won the award for “School Band of The Year” at the 8th edition of D2’s battle of the bands national competition – Big Break 2015 and have had a total of 9 nominations at the annual BG Radio Music Awards. The band’s singles have received steady airplay on popular Bulgarian radio stations such as BG Radio, Radio 1 Rock, Z-Rock, etc. and Dutch commercial radio station Radio 10. They were semi-finalists on Bulgaria’s got Talent 2016 and have appeared on a variety of popular Bulgarian TV shows. Their newest single Up In The Air was released in August 2020 and reached wider audience when aired on BOX TV – the music of Bulgaria.

How It All Started

The band Panic Station was formed in 2013 by high school friends Yoan and Tosh in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Yoan was playing Panic Station by Muse on a portable speaker in their high-school's yard which caught Tosh's attention and lead to them becoming friends and starting to play music together. Later that year Ivan joined as the band’s drummer and Tosh asked his long-time friend George to play lead guitar. The guys decided on the name “Panic Station” inspired by the Muse song that lead to Tosh and Yoan meeting in the first place.

Golden Years

Panic Station released their debut single Revelations in 2014 and immediately started playing live shows – after a few months, in May 2015 they released a second single named Amsterdam which became the band’s greatest hit up to date. In August the band claimed the 1st place award at the Nessebar Pop & Rock Competition for best original music, triumphing over 40 other bands and performers. Just a few days later the band were named “School Band of The Year” at the 8th edition of D2’s battle of the bands national competition – Big Break 2015. After that Panic Station began playing frequently in most of Bulgaria’s clubs and made a name for themselves in the underground scene as one of the most energetic live bands around.

The band’s third single ‘’Аз и Ти” (Me and You) was released in November 2015 and was their first and only song sung in Bulgarian. It was promoted with shows in support of established Bulgarian bands D2 and The Legends and was performed on the Junior Eurovision 2016 preshow.

In the first half of 2016 the band reached the semi-finals of Bulgaria’s Got Talent. After that cofounder and vocalist Yoan left and was replaced by Emil Petrov – that year the band released their fourth single Start The Show, promoting it with several live shows.


In early 2017, after a few months of inactivity, Panic Station announced their indefinite hiatus due to an inability to balance the members’ schedules and creative conflicts.


In June 2020, after nearly 4 years of hiatus, the boys decided to get together again. After about 2 years of working on his solo project GORGE.US, Tosh wrote a song in the style of Panic Station and as soon as he offered it to the rest of the band members everyone was convinced that this was the song that would bring them back together. It only took less than a month and a few practice sessions for the band to realize it was time to reunite.

New Single

The main inspiration behind the band’s most recently released song – Up In The Air is the nostalgia that fueled their comeback. After a 4 year hiatus, the feeling of being on stage and being together again motivated them to try again and Up In The Air encapsulates the highs and lows you go through when basing a decision on emotional memories.

The main challenge behind the song was going back to a writing style that suits Panic Station, which was difficult for Tosh since he had spent the past few years working on his solo project GORGE.US, which has a much different sound and vibe. However, the song turned out exactly the way all the band members wanted and most importantly their fans loved it too. Up In The Air was recorded and produced by GORGE.US (Tosh Lichev) in his home studio. Vocals were recorded in F.1 Sound Records Studio and the mixing and mastering was done by EXA Audio based in London.

The Future

The band is currently working on their first EP, focusing on evolving their sound and trying out different styles, they may not have used in the past. In addition Panic Station’s aim is to reach a wider audience outside of Bulgaria in order to understand how their music will be perceived and possibly play at festivals across Europe. This time the band’s back for good and they're motivated to go far beyond their past successes.