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Parisii Release Debut EP

PARISII is a new indie folk music project developed by singer/songwriter Mitch Parrish. Heavily influenced by Mitch’s upbringing in the mountainous region of northern Utah, PARISII’s debut EP “Old Stories” conveys themes of the outdoors, slowing down, changing weather, staying young, and leaning on those you love. The five tracks contain light and uplifting moments, as well as moody and contemplative elements. Reflective and encouraging lyrics, accompanied by tasteful acoustic and electric guitar, will leave you feeling calm and inspired.

Mitch Parrish is a husband, newly minted father, and practicing Physician Assistant who enjoys all things sports and outdoors. Writing songs has been a place of refuge for Mitch since his high school years, satisfying his creative side while actively pursuing other academic and career endeavors. The name chosen for the music project, PARISII, is meaningful to Mitch, as it relates to the origins of his last name.

When asked about how he plans to balance his music goals with his career as a physician assistant, Mitch says, “Working in the healthcare field is extremely rewarding, but can also be very emotionally taxing and stressful. In my experience, having a creative and artistic outlet is rejuvenating and helps me return to work refocused and energized to provide great patient care.

Moving forward I plan to use my love for creating music to foster the much-needed balance I need as a healthcare professional. My hope is that the music I create can uplift, heal, and inspire somebody out there.”