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Parts - False Dreams

False Dreams" is the first single out of the debut album by Parts. The song is driven forward by a feverish bass and drums groove and harsh guitars that pull the listener into a dark corner, only to be uplifted in a catchy chorus that hides an even sharper message.

The song deals with insomnia, as experienced by songwriter Bar Huss, but behind the depiction of sleep-depriving sounds and ideas, a deeper meaning is slowly revealed. The loneliness of the person awake while all around everyone's asleep, an allegory for living within a "lost society", blissfully unaware of the realities around it, just outside the door, in a nearby alley or over the border.

The video clip for the single, created by Ilan Bar, maintains the nightly atmosphere and critical point of view of the song while taking an unexpected twist. In it, three tragic characters pursue their personal "False Dreams" but fate is unkind, and before the night is over the three destroy each other's dreams.

Parts is Bar Huss (Guitars and Vocals), Ben Kohavi (Bass and Vocals) and Yuval Adam (Drums and Sampler). The band is based in Tel Aviv and is soon to release its debut album, produced by Ran Shem Tov of "Izabo" fame. The album, called ‘Pleasure as Pain’, is a celebration of contrast. Fusing the rhythmic with the morose, electronic with acoustic, its music can start from hovering keyboards and melancholic cellos and suddenly crash into distorted guitars and psychedelic studio stunts. Huss and Kohavi write about love, forgetfulness, insomnia and telemarketing while sometimes the personal experience masks a more universal message.

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