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PBSM drop dark, 80's inspired psych 'Rainbow Girl' EP

Today the third EP from Copenhagen-based alt rock duo PBSM is out. The title track Rainbow Girl came out as a single previously and has already been featured online because of a collab with Korean longboarder and Instagram superstar C Jiny who took the track for a spin downtown Seoul in one of her videos. Now the remaining 3 tracks of the EP are released and added to the mix revealing a dark, 80s inspired psych that deals with identities and social roles – the perfect soundtrack for an incognito night out!  

The previous releases have had the duo featured on media such as Clash, Hypemachine, US Radio and making collaborations with Boston Marathon bombings survivor Adrianne Haslet, ex-Stereolab drummer Joe Dilworth, photographer Tessa Angus and director Malia James. When based in both Berlin and Copenhagen. Now established in their own studio in Copenhagen the duo works together with fellow dane and drummer Lasse Herbst (Blue Foundation, Choir of Young Believers).

The EP was recorded and re-recorded several times with each iteration adding new layers to the compositions, just to be stripped down condensing each track into its essence. The key for all tracks has been a shared lyrical concept of alienation, gender-roles, fluid identities, social interaction especially formed around a strangers/non-strangers dichotomy and the magic the magic that happens when people feel their way into establishing relations and how they react on the other person - as well as influences from the dark side of the 80s UK music scene. 

Title track ‘Rainbow Girl’ takes this a step further with adding a playfulness to that moment. The song was written during the peak of the 2018 heatwave in Copenhagen and came about as a slow-jam in a very hot studio, which might be the reason it as slowest track to date by PBSM - too lazy and too sweaty to set off in a faster pace the instrumental took form as an aching and rolling tight wave just about to break. After a well spent break cooling off swimming at the nearby Copenhagen harbour waterfront being carried away on the summerbuzz, summernights and summerloving (as some puts it) the idea about this girl, Rainbow Girl, playing on sexual identities, roles and gender norms. How this is changing and how boundaries are being pushed and explored in a way that nods to The Garden of Eden by Ernest Hemingway, and perfect for cruising into the 2019 summer.

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