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PBSM play on sexual identities, roles and gender norms with 'Rainbow Girl'

On February 8 Danish alt rock duo release the title track of their forthcoming EP due later this spring. The release is a co-release/project with Korean instagram/longboard superstar Jin Choi who will use the song for one of her upcoming online longboarding videos, as well as a music video for the track. 

The song was written wearing swimsuits during the peak of the 2018 heatwave and came about as a slow-jam in a very hot studio nearby, which might be the reason it is the slowest track to date by PBSM - too lazy and too sweaty to set off in a faster pace the instrumental took form as an aching and rolling tight wave just about to break. After a well spent break cooling off swimming at the nearby Copenhagen harbour waterfront being carried away on the summerbuzz, summernights and summerloving (as some put it) the idea is about a girl, Rainbow Girl, playing on sexual identities, roles and gender norms. How this is changing and how boundaries are being pushed and explored in a way that nods to The Garden of Eden by Ernest Hemingway.

Reminiscing those times, Rainbow Girl drops when summer seems to be as far away as possible and fueling those memories, the single drops in collaboration with Korean longboarder and instagram superstar Jin Choi, who gives the song her own spin using the track as an active backdrop for one of her videos - eventually making out the music video for the track which will follow shortly after the release. 

Psych-heavy storytelling juggernaut

The band's last EP Dance Floor was picked up by Clash Magazine who labelled the music as a psych-heavy juggernaut that ripples with sonic paranoia and it also got international attention in both Europe and the US. The title track video featured American dancer and Boston terror bombing survivor Adrianne Haslet, that as the leading role played out her own inspiring personal history in the video about getting back to dance floor. Now telling the story of Jin Choi the duo adds to the stories their music tells.

Rainbow Girl follows up on the single Nothing But Strangers that also touched upon the meeting of two people and the magic that happens in the moment where you feeling your way in getting to know another person. Rainbow Girls continues that line of thought and takes it one step further.

Rainbow Girl is the title track of an upcoming EP and it is the third EP by the Copenhagen-based alt-rock duo. Their catalogue also includes a handful of covers of female artists - the latest being Blue Jeans by Lana del Rey. With respect for the original recording and Lana’s dusty sensual voice the PBSM version jumps into a different rock-infused realm, fused by nasty fuzz guitars and a cheeky off-beat hihat pattern on the drums.   

PBSM is Lauritz Carlsen (Vox, guitars) and David Tholander (Bass, Drummachine) and started out as a long distance songwriting relationship between Berlin and Copenhagen for a period of one and a half years. During this time the Berlin crowd around the 8mm bar (incl. bands such as The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Spacemen 3, Kadavar, The December Sound, Blue Angel Lounge, Cavern of Anti Matter) and a love for psych and krautrock formed the band and the songs from the start. 

Live, PBSM are a guitar/bass/drum machine power-duo, making a cacophonic wall of sound through their four amp setup. The duo have already toured with rising UK rock act Nothing But Thieves and artrockers Arrows of Love as well as American noir songwriter Nicole Atkins.  

Rainbow Girl is out digitally February 8.

The band play a show in Copenhagen supporting Radkey on 4th February at VEGA.

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