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Perfectparachutpicture release 'They Only Want'

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Perfectparachutepicture, or PPP, formed back in 2013 and the duo is made up of Kyle Ernest (Drums, Vocals) and Edward James (Bass). Despite their less than familiar set-up, the pair lose nothing in sheer power, with each riff proving more anthemic than the last. This comes to the fore in They Only Want, which is the bands first release since their self-released album ‘No Modern Desire’ towards the tail-end of 2019.

Discussing the release PPP explain:

“Our music is maturing along with us, and this new track is a great example of us fusing our distinctive riffs and hard hitting beats with melodic vocals which sing about genuine feelings that we experience. We really hope that this track resonates with its listeners.”

PPP’s latest offering is a passionate take on love and life, with a narrative that resolves around there always being someone worse off. This narrative tears between topics of emotion and greed and is accompanied by eerie synths and roaring bass grooves.

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