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Perpacity feat. Neil Francis - 'Words are faith and water'

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Hard on the heels of their latest album release ‘The order of Now’ in September, electronic duo 'Perpacity' take another musical turn with their latest single release, teaming up with vocalist/Radio DJ Neil Francis for a soaring ballad that wouldn't be out of place in a London musical.

'Words are Faith and Water' is a poignant, hopeful, track about trust and coming to terms with loneliness that, although as much orchestral as electro, still retains the quirky catchiness that the duo has been associated with on other releases. Neil's vocals are powerful and emotional throughout, creating a rich interplay with the music taking the sound of the band in new directions.

In 2014 a video of Neil's impromptu London underground singalong of 80's hit 'A little respect' caught the attention of the world's media and scored a 'viral' hit across the internet with over 40 million views and counting! This led to him being invited to perform at pop duo Erasure's 30th anniversary party where he was surprised to be joined on stage by Erasure front man Andy Bell to duet with Neil on 'A little respect'.

Martin Nyrup: "We knew of Neil's work in the music-scene and had obviously seen the London video, and I think he stuck in the back of our mind's for some time as someone we would like to work with. We'd written 'Words are Faith and Water; last year, but knew that it would take a special kind of voice to do it the way that it was meant to be - and eventually realised that Neil was one of the few that would be able to pull it off.”

Ian Harling: “We try to avoid getting ourselves stuck in one genre or sound, so every new track is an exploration in terms of production, but we're very pleased with the way it's turned out. It's good for us to work with other people who can bring their own style and ideas to our tracks, it helps us grow musically.”

Neil Francis: “I was delighted when Perpacity asked if I'd like to add my vocals to a song they had written with me in mind and headed to the studio with my producer Day Clifford (Daysound) to experiment on finding the right voice for this rather wonderful composition. I was no stranger to Perpacity's music and would often play them on my radio show, so was eager to do my best on this song. It's been wonderful to collaborate with both Martin and Ian, throwing idea's back and forth over the internet and working with Day on the video, seeing it all come together has been a great experience. I am immensely happy and proud with the finished product - both song and video - and I really hope you enjoy the joint efforts of Ian, Martin, Day, and myself.”

’Words are Faith and Water’ will be released December 7th, 2018.

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