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Peter Whitaker - Erase

Maryland’s Peter Whitaker is a rare artist of humble and honest talent. Pulling inspiration from folk, indie pop and rock music, his relatable storytelling sits at the forefront - carried by indelible melodies, Peter pens songs that carry raw and introspective emotion.

Penning music from a young age, Peter’s music has an infectiously memorable quality and whilst being fully independent, has organically picked up traction online, garnering hundreds of thousands of streams and receiving numerous placements on high profile Spotify editorials playlists.

Released September 13th, ERASE spins a tale on losing touch with a significant other, something we can all relate to. With its sombre acoustic guitars, tasteful production, relaxed electric guitars lines and foot-tapping beat, Peter creates a rich texture for the almost haunting vocal performance to lie upon - but what shines the most is the stellar story, that intertwines with the visuals as Pete outlines “Erase is about someone who you used to share a connection with, and now they are slowly removing you from their life. This feeling of fear that you will be completely erased from their life.”

Discovered via Musosoup