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Philip La Rosa's new single is positively vulnerable

Philip La Rosa’s new single is the sensual display of positive vulnerability manifest. Baggage enriches Philip’s demonstrated history of deep pop hits that represent himself, his communities and the courage to seek change.

Baggage was born from the unpacking of Philip, as he was able to let his walls down and unwrap trauma with a person of shared history. With the baggage aired a positive change had been delivered, both a strong friendship and inspiration emerged. Baggage is as tense as it is uninhibited, a ballad for the emancipated spirit, the passionately interwoven melodies and yielding production provide a euphoria not yet heard in Philip La Rosa’s repertoire.

‘I think being honest and vulnerable allowed me to truly connect with someone on a much deeper level. Everyone needs to let their walls down and talk a bout what’s on their mind.’ - Philip La Rosa

Returning to work with the production duo Banton Brothers, Baggage is the latest in Philip La Rosa’s series of singles. Pride, released in 2016 went viral, as did the resoundingly successful single Drowning which was produced by ARIA winning Taka Perry and released in support of Mental Health Day 2018. His most recent singles Fable and Paradise resonating with increasing frequency, amassing 10s of 1000s of streams year by year. Philip’s consistently vibrant, compassionate and high-calibre artistry to date has garnered unwavering support from radio and followers on streaming platforms.

The video for Baggage uses the extended metaphor of airport baggage, how it is wrapped up, constricted, each individual case with its internal secrecy kept safe from anyone on the periphery of the carousel. Philip La Rosa’s emotional liberation a cathartic and captivating visual accompaniment, wrapping the physical and you really want to get to what is inside.

Isolation has had a positive effect on Philip La Rosa’s writing, giving him personal time to reflect and compose, resulting a number of new songs signalling plenty of powerful new music to come.



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