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London based Phoebe Coco’s debut single Silver Lives is filled with happy go lucky magic, a seaside world where everyday worries are cast aside. Escaping for a day, captured on 16mm video, Phoebe is joined by her younger twin sisters, Grace and Dorothy, whose ethereal voices feature on her forthcoming solo debut album. Sisterhood is strong, as the three skip, dance and play to find that gap between the sea and sky.

The song is brimming with electronic and acoustic instrumentation, led by Phoebe’s trademark voice and piano underpinned by light mesmeric “la’s” that will leave you caught in the spell as you find yourself singing along.

The story of Silver Lives began when composer Phoebe Coco scored a piece of music for the release of Alexa’s Chung’s ARCHIVE clothing range for M&S (the film titled ‘A Day in the Life’ starring Adwoa Aboah). The next phase of production and writing was done together with Marc Makarov and Vanessa Anne Redd of Sharp Attack Records while producing the rest of Phoebe Coco’s album. The music video was made by Alex F Webb ( who also shot the initial film with photographer Tom Craig) where Phoebe and her sisters are seen wearing the Alexa Chung range, courtesy of Alexa’s Archive. This is a new studio mix of the single, done by multi Grammy award winning Eduardo De La Paz, then mastered in Air at Alchemy studios by Kevin Tuffy and will be coming out with the full studio album ‘My White Horse & I’ in November 2020.

From riding horses in the wild forests of Provence to singing into sleepless sunrises on London's streets after nights dancing, Phoebe Coco can hear music wherever she goes. Growing up in a household where music making is a way of life, with uncle Pedro Ortiz drumming for David Bowie and Mick Jagger, her mother touring in Hair The Musical, and dancing in Diana Ross videos- all of which remain major influences to this day.

Born in the Brecon Beacons, and now a part of London’s thriving scene, since graduating from Brighton’s Art University, Music & Visual Arts, with alumni of composers; Bat For Lashes, Metronomy, Dream Wife to name a few. Her history as a songwriter and composer can be traced back to a variety of music across the field, her practice with Breathing Space Collective, experimental sound performance collective who score site specific works of music, outside the conventional means of creation and as a composer for film/ theatre, writing music for Universal while two of the songs on the album have been featured in commercials. With both folk and electronic influences, Phoebe Coco captivates audiences with lyrical charm, from intimate settings of living rooms in Sofar Sounds, danceable music venues such as Sebright Arms, and Kings Head Members Club, to festivals such as Iceland Airwaves and Shambala.