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Pieceszx is an independent electronic music producer and singer based in Barcelona. Described in several reviews as "ethereal, surrounding, rhythmical and very personal". Mixing sounds of EDM, pop, techno and ambient with lyrics in english, spanish and catalan about big city experiences, political statments or heavy-personal themes like daling with stress, go to therapy or insomnia. His first full LP was 'Tropico' (2017), preceded by EP 'Tropico.extended' (2018). Now with dark-ish electronica such as the singles 'Treatment' (2019) or 'Anesthesia' (2018). In 2020, releases "Money Queer" with Okamiluke as the first single of a second full-length album "Reverbs".

The song is an experience of electronic music mixed with a reggaeton urban beats and lyrics about the visibility of queer people with a video that express the lyrical content. Some people that are not themselves identified by the model of LGTB that the mass media are trying to sell and lives their lifes in the edge of it. There is the existence of trans people, of non-binary people who are notrepresented in any way in music, television, or any media.

The video was filmed in an industrial factory in a 12-hour shoot day and features more than 15 extras (queer people, non-binary, gay and bisexual etc all around) and the clip represents a view inside this word. That's why the video is recorded in an industrial space (representing usually the underground clubs that have the type of parties that queer people attend), flashing lights and a darks sound. As well as the glitter and the kisses, a clear representation of what you can found in some of these parties. The video is directed and produced by Liquorice.

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