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Pina Jung releases a new EP on 16.10. called "Wuwei". Now there is the second foretaste with "Shadows". Pina about the song:

"Drifting, sinking into your own world. Floating in the music, dancing, letting go and flying. The music in the club penetrates me and everything around me stops, I love to dance for my life. It feels as if I am music and my body lets the beat put me into a trance. I hardly notice the people around me, because I am in my own flow, as if I could dissolve. This feeling gives me freedom and lust for life. This song is about this feeling, being high from the sound of the music. The poetry of being.

When I heard the beat for the first time in the studio, these images came directly into my head. Knackeboul aka David Lukas and I jammed to the beat in his basement with shimmering disco lights. We were able to capture this intimate mood, the whispering to ourselves in a wonderful way. During the video shoot, one of the dancers told me: "The song was playing all day and we weren't bored yet, on the contrary, it spreads a good atmosphere and you want to listen to it again and again.


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