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Polymer follow up their first single with 'Start Again'

Polymer proved in 2019 that their ascendant single Believers had all the hallmarks of stadium-filling excellence. Convicted by this success, Polymer now look to share more of their upcoming album anchor themselves in the grit and determination of Start Again.

‘…there’s an undeniable stamp of emphatic devotion to the collective melodic rock gods…’ - The Soundcheck

‘This was a set that set the Mosh Pit on fire, had the crowd: captivated, mesmerised and transfixed (in a; holy ****! This is awesome, kinda way)’ - The Music Producer

Their delivery of melodies that soar upon ragged and relatable energy garnered widespread support across established publications Amnplify, AU Review and Rockpit and radio plays on major commercial networks like Triple M and major independents RTRFM and 4ZZZ. Polymer, now grounded in the freedom of Believers, drop the clutch on their high-revolution rock with pumping riffs and a frank ownership of being stubborn, being driven, being shut down, but most of all being ambitious. Start Again has the size, the weight and the bare-bones integrity of the warehouse it was recorded in.

After establishing themselves in Sydney’s rock scene in various other projects and collaborations including Age Of Menace and Samsara, Polymer formed in 2018. Their experience and passion facilitating the natural and expedient production of their first album, Zealots Box. Together, Anthony Semrani (vocals/guitar), Constantine Kotsiras (drums) and Adam Barns (bass) have poured the years of collective wisdom. The final result, a polished and impactful collection of rock music with their own trademark firmly stamped.

As Believers is aspirational and fit for arenas, Start Again is confrontational and ready for the club. Polymer are demonstrating that they have the riffs and the repertoire to be both Foo Fighters at large and Eagles of Death Metal at the ready. Debut album Zealots Box will show beyond doubt that this trio live in the world of rock.

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