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Polymer share their new album 'Zealot's Box'

Polymer proved through their ascendant singles that they have all the hallmarks of stadium-filling excellence. Convicted by this success, Polymer now prepare for the release of their debut album Zealots Box.

The release of leading single Believers with central songwriter Anth Semrani’s delivery of melodies that soar upon ragged and relatable energy garnered widespread support across established Australian publications Amnplify, AU Review and Rockpit and radio plays on major commercial networks like Triple M and major independents RTRFM and 4ZZZ. Follow up single, Start Again found support from US Radio in college networks and large independent stations KEXP and KWSS.

Zealots Box is a dark and moody capture of the warehouse where the album was written and recorded. The organically ‘bare bones’ environment supplying the strongest foundation for honest unadulterated rock. 

‘Creating an album is the chance to be a real story teller... Recycling energy you find out in society, and having music as a creative bi-product is something special...’ - Anth Semrani 

Paving the way for the album is focus single King of SuburbiaA tale of the times, the single works to breakdown the delusions of power and prestige over frantic guitars and heavy turnarounds, King of Suburbia powerfully exposes that material gains for the ego can’t cover the inherent flaws.

After establishing themselves in Sydney’s rock scene in various other projects and collaborations including Age Of Menace and Samsara, Polymer formed in 2018. Their experience and passion facilitating the natural and expedient production of their first album, Zealots Box. Together, Anthony Semrani (vocals/ guitar), Constantine Kotsiras (drums) and Adam Barns (bass) have poured the years of collective wisdom. The final result, a polished and impactful collection of rock music with their own trademark firmly stamped.

Whilst Zealots Boxcan clearly be heard for the stadium context the album's power lay truly in the absence of the cock-sure and vapid. The grounded nature of this album places Rock music in a working state, internally and externally working to be better. 



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