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Pop-Rock Trio DREAMDIVE Make Their Mark with Emotionally-Driven Debut ‘Can’t Trust’

DREAMDIVE, a new pop-rock band from New York City, marries catchy pop vocals with driving rock instrumentation, a union that reaffirms the longevity of organic rock instrumentation while delivering pop ear worms.

DREAMDIVE began as a project from songwriter Tucker Jennings, after his former band Call Security parted ways in 2018; during his time with Call Security, Tucker wrote the single “Small Talk”, which has garnered over 1.4 million plays on Spotify, and has been placed on two E! Network television shows. Additionally, “Small Talk” won the Hottest Single competition held by 95.5 WBRU (named one of the best radio stations in the US by Billboard and Rolling Stone). Once winning air time, it became a top requested song for eight consecutive weeks, peaking at the number-three requested slot. With Call Security, Tucker opened for bands such as Passion Pit, We the Kings, Orianthi ft. Alice Cooper, Marian Hill, American Idol-winner Phillip Phillips, and LPX.

Tucker is joined in DREAMDIVE by front-woman Alexandra Starr, named a rising star of Long Beach by Long Beach Magazine, and guitarist/producer Danny Sullivan of Brooklyn-based bands Tallbird, UV Rays, and Eli Sundae. DREAMDIVE’s single “Can’t Trust” is set to release May 31, 2019. The band is currently at work on their debut EP.

“Can’t Trust” came about during a time in my life when I had to say goodbye to several things that had once been very important to me. It’s ultimately a song about accepting and acknowledging unfortunate truths and is a personal farewell to things once cherished.

It started as just an isolated vocal melody and some lyrics, and then the rest of the song was built around that. We tried to retain the minimalist feel it started with, in an attempt to convey the same sense of introspection and isolation hopefully conveyed by the lyrics.” – Tucker Jennings

Discovered via Musosoup