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Following the release of his first single, Time to Go (RTR FM Australia, Belgique FM, NIKY/ iHeartRADIO Canada) in July 2020, London-based singer-songwriter Tomaka is back with a second opus: Back on my Feet.

Back on my Feet is based on the story of one of Tomaka’s friends who, following a major accident, ended up in hospital, paralysed.

The tune is also a reference to the current health situation where many people are in hospital trying to get well again.

The story behind the track:

Tomaka's friend had requested to be transferred to a physical therapy centre. The nurse -named Helen in the song- told him that he should quit hoping and merely accept the fact that he would never walk again.

Yet, after weeks of hard work and perseverance, his friend was back on his feet again. As soon as Tomaka heard the story, he began writing the song.

Back on my Feet is a catchy tune that turns a negative vibe into an upbeat song with a positive chorus which hails the sceptics by showing them the light at the end of the tunnel.

Back on my Feet is due out on January 1st, 2021 on all digital platforms.


Tomaka, is a French producer, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in London (U.K.). By embracing both synthesisers and acoustic instruments, Tomaka has found his mojo. His songs’ unique palette has deep roots in pop, rock, post-punk and electronic music.

Following a short career in acting, Tomaka opted for music because it was the only activity that combined “writing, playing and performing” altogether.

As a self-taught musician, Tomaka started music in the early 2000’s as a guitarist engaging with multiple collaborations from songwriters in the countries where he lived: Brighton, Berlin, Madrid and Paris. He had his day job and busked every night, played live in pubs and venues as a lead singer backed up by a band.

In 2017, Tomaka retired for 3 months in a house full of instruments so he could explore new ways of writing his own material using a laptop, vocals and synthesisers. Tomaka kept things “simple” and “tight”, creating atmospheres and patterns as a basis for his pop songs. He collaborated with two session musicians in the studio: Brice Chandler on guitar and bass Yann Forleo on drums. The tracks were mixed by Felix Remy at Studio Pigalle (Paris, France) and mastered by Alexis Bardinet at Globe Audio or Alex Gopher at Translab.

Tomaka officially launched his pop project with the release of a music video: Time to Go, in February 2019. It was directed by his friend Matthieu Vinel (www.matthieuvinel.com) and shot in Cotentin (Normandy, France), with Tomaka starring as his own character. The video was well received by critics, including an article by Ouest France.

The following year, Time to Go was officially released as a single on 24 July 2020. It was played in a number of countries such as: Belgique FM (Belgium), Hailsham Radio (UK), Radio FMR (France), RTR FM (Australia) and Niky Radio (Canada).

In June 2019, Tomaka released a second clip: What you meant to be, filmed in London at the Tate Modern. It was directed and produced by film director Céline Ribard (celineribard.com). The song was the basis for an original concept developed by Céline Ribard with Tomaka starring as his own character.

Backed up by two musicians on stage, Tomaka’s performances are energetic and genuine. The trio fiercely engage with their audience to create an atmosphere said to be mesmeric and vibrant by fans.

Today, Tomaka is pursuing a music career in London and Paris. His first album is in preparation for 2021. Tomaka’s second single, Back on my Feet, is due out on January 1st, 2021. His debut album is in preparation for 2021. Tomaka’s second single, Back on my Feet, is due out on January 1st, 2021.