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Porcelain’s Debut EP ‘Part One’

“Truly amazing! “It’s like soul music from out of space, brought to the listener to teach them to release close held emotions.” Mick Fleetwood [Fleetwood Mac]

"Brooding, dark and languished, Just the way we like it!" [BBC Introducing]

Introducing Porcelain, an anonymous musical collective created as a counterpoint to society's obsession with celebrity culture. Faceless mannequins and androgynous dolls symbolise their wish not to be defined by labels.

Porcelain likes to do things differently.

On May 2nd 2020, Porcelain announced themselves to the world via social media. The message read: i. This is the beginning. Since then, individually numbered social posts and video teasers produced by stop motion artists have reached half a million people. All this before a song was released.

‘Last Word’, Porcelain’s first full length track was shared with the world on June 12th, it arrived via a painstakingly handcrafted, stop motion video.

To launch their debut EP and drive pre-saves, Porcelain have created a spoof dating app. Rather than matching members on superficial looks, they playfully matched players on their personality and taste in music. The Porcelain matchmaker drove pre-saves and further intrigued their growing fanbase.

Wanna have some fun. Click Here to have a go.

This is Part One.

Released on August 14th, Part One is the first of three planned Porcelain EPs that formally signals their much anticipated arrival on Spotify and major streaming services. The four track release includes ‘Last Word’ and three previously unreleased tracks. The release will be supported by two lyric videos and a collection of stunning stop motion clips.

The EP begins with ‘Destruction’, a track about the battle with the self. It’s about the imprisonment of the mind, with its self destructive nature that plays out subconsciously to ultimately take part in annihilation of life itself.

‘Demons’ is borne out of the sense of futility in humans’ innate drive to seek outside fulfilment only to be met by the disillusionment of the demons that live within.

‘Last Word’ is about the entanglement of two people. A conflict between the finality of the end and the impact of a past that binds them together. It hails a salute to 'everything' that once was, beauty, pain, creation and destruction fading out to nothing but the last word.

‘Anon’ hints at escapism into the realms of darkness. It floats between the industrial and the ethereal. While chasing its brooding London roots, a dystopian Arabic string line points to mystery and a melancholic optimism.

Right Chord Music, called ‘Last Word’ “A beautiful and assured debut with sweeping female vocals that flit between defiant strength, fragility and yearning.” Further support and praise was provided by Analogue Trash, Last Day Deaf, Listen With Monger and Rats On The Run.