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Possible Oceans Release Blood in the Water

Written months before the world was brought to its knees by COVID 19, “Blood in the Water” is an eerie premonition of the darkness that awaited us all. The first in a collection of singles by Possible Oceans set for release in 2021, “Blood in the Water” reflects the constant dread many of us felt living through 2020 in America, and the sense that each day brings a barrage of disinformation meant to turn us against each other.

Possible Oceans, the solo project of LA singer/guitarist Trevor O’Neill, released its first EP, Phase Change, independently in 2018, receiving an enthusiastic welcome from press outlets around the world and remaining on the NACC 200 radio charts for five weeks. A fixture of the local LA scene, Trevor took a break from performing to focus on writing new material which was then extended indefinitely by the pandemic leaving him with little else to do outside of experimenting in his home studio.

Eventually, with a number of demos in hand, Trevor tapped producer Jules de Gasperis (Low Hum, James Supercave) to collaborate on a new batch of singles. As the pandemic dragged on, the final stages of recording became an exercise in extreme social distancing with de Gasperis deciding to shut down his Highland Park studio and return to his native France. There he undertook the final mixing sessions with Trevor sending notes and overdubs across the Atlantic from his home studio in LA.

A video for “Blood in the Water,” created by Trevor, will accompany the single release. With the original filming plans scrapped due to COVID lockdowns, Trevor instead scoured the internet for found footage which he then pieced together into a haunting vision of humanity’s darker tendencies.

Drawing comparisons to Foals, The Horrors, Queens of the Stone Age, and Royal Blood, this new series of singles is at once introspective and far-reaching. With an undertow of swirling synths and driving guitars, these songs paint a picture of life as it is today, and of what may be. “Blood in the Water” and the accompanying video will be released digitally on January 15th, 2021, with more singles to follow in the months to come.