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Prince of Wales Shares Debut Single & Video “Spaceman Games”

Prince of Wales, the new indie rock/alt-pop project of Will Crockford, has shared his debut single “Spaceman Games” today. Kickstarting with shimmering strings, “Spaceman Game” is flecked with traces of coastal pop where Crockford’s pitch-perfect vocals deliver an undeniable sense of longing for human contact. Inspired by the likes of MGMT, Foster the People, and Glass Animals, it’s an end-of-summer piece where POW invites us to indulge in cheery melancholia. The single arrives with a video shot in New York by Brennan Goldstein where we get to see him split his isolation between the earth and galaxy.

“Spaceman Games” is the first single in a string of releases set for this fall. On the influence behind the single, Prince of Wales shared: "The track came about from some chords I had been playing on the acoustic guitar for a few days. I've always been super inspired by space and astronauts so, lyrically, I wanted to play with the idea of isolation and what it must be like to actually be in space alone. I was really into the idea of paralleling that with the isolation people have been forced into due to the pandemic. The track in itself is a reminder to pay attention to the little things in life and not get caught up in distractions such as technology as often our smartphones and social media habits naturally push us towards isolation - much like what would be experienced as an astronaut alone in space."


Prince of Wales is the new indie rock/alt-pop project of Los Angeles-based DJ and record producer Will Crockford. His previous works include viral tracks such as “Shelter” and “Chance” that have been used n in advertising campaigns for major brands such as Redbull, Real Madrid, and GoPro’s HERO 5. He has also performed alongside other artists such as Alan Walker, Hibell, SNBRN, and Whethan. With Prince of Wales, Crockford is planning to showcase a new side of his creativity. Be on the lookout for more releases this fall. 



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