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Professor & the Madman, feat. Rat Scabies & Paul Gray, announce 'Séance' LP

Professor and the Madman, a musical group comprised of veterans from both the U.S. and UK rock scenes, begin taking pre-orders today for their forthcoming album. The album's title track, “Séance,” is available now at all digital retailers. Listen to "Séance" below and pre-order the album

The members of Professor and the Madman are vocalist/guitaristAlfie Agnew(Adolescents, D.I.), vocalist/guitaristSean Elliott(D.I., Mind Over Four), bassistPaul Gray(the Damned, Eddie & the Hot Rods), and drummerRat Scabies(formerly of the Damned). 

Séance will be the band’s fifth album. Agnew, Elliott, and Scabies are founding members and comprised the lineup on Good Evening, Sir! and Election (both 2016). Gray joined in 2017 and appears alongside the trio on Disintegrate Me (2018) and Live at the 100 Club (2019). All four albums — as well as the upcoming Séance— are released by Fullertone Records. 

“A séance typically refers to a ritual used to make contact with a person who has died,” says Agnew. “We see the songs on our new album as attempting to re-establish contact with an era, a way of life, that has died. More specifically, our goal is to evoke the strong connection we felt toward music in our youth — the ritual of bringing home an album from the record store and totally immersing yourself in its journey. We love albums and this group exists to celebrate them. Our new songs tend to be reflective, as we remember former friends and band members who may no longer be along for the ride.”   

Tying in with the séance concept, Professor and the Madman has created a new board game which will be available at various pre-order levels. The game is played with a pair of dice, cards, and miniature game pieces. The Séance CD will come with a fold-out paper insert which constitutes the gameboard. The Séancepurple vinyl edition will have the gameboard as its gatefold.

Visit www.professorandthemadman.com for full details on the variousSéanceformats. 

Additional album details will be serviced in the coming weeks, including the release date, tracklist, and final cover art.  

“The new material is eclectic,” says Agnew. “It’s less punk-influenced than our previous albums. The 1960s and ‘70s musical influences are more pronounced. We’re big fans of the Kinks, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Brian Wilson. Maybe even some Zep!”

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