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Progressive metal band Joviac released their second album along with new music video!

Promo pic by: Carolin Büttner

Finnish progressive metal bandJoviac released their second album "Here And Now" on April 3rd 2020 via Inverse Records. The band also released a new music video Decay.

Viljami Wenttola's comments: "It feels surreal to have the album out. The journey started in August of 2018 when I began writing it and it was recorded, mixed and mastered a year later, so for us it's been a long time coming! The singles that we put out (Straws and Here And Now) already did more for us than anything we had put out before in terms of reaching new people, and now that the whole album is out, I can't wait to hear your thoughts and feelings on it.

Today we're also happy to show you the video for the song "Decay"! It's definitely the quirky tune off the album, and that's exactly why we decided to give it a spot light. Even though the song has a dark and cynical vibe, it has a definite playful side as well. We had a lot of fun shooting the video, and it's our pleasure to share it with you now."

Joviac has gone forward leaps and bounds on their sophomore effort, titled "Here And Now". The album was written and recorded in a year, and the resulting seven songs truly represent the amount of growth and musical evolution that the band has gone through.

The drums were recorded at the pristine Electric Fox Studios in Jyväskylä and the album was mastered by Teemu Liekkala (Red Eleven) and mixed by Janne Korpela.


Viljami Wenttola - Vocals, Guitars, Synths

Antti Varjanne - Bass

Rudy Fabritius - Drums

WATCH music video for first single Straws

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