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Progressive metal band Sonus Corona released an all-acoustic music video for track Illusions!

Album cover art by Aki Niemi

Sonus Corona is a progressive metal band from Turku, Finland. The band combines intense musical atmospheres accompanied with heavy riffs and strong melodies and relies on stellar songwriting. They say they have been heavily influenced by Haken, Toto, Tool, Dream Theater and Leprous.

The band released a new music video for Illusions which is an all-acoustic track. Watch it below

Vocalist Timo Mustonen comment:

"I love this song. It’s like a dream; the protagonist is taken away from his depressing mindset and surroundings for a while. The video we made underlines this. He’s sort of out of himself, and sees the world in a different light. It’s the first all-acoustic song we’ve ever made. Because of the concept of the song, and it being a rarity amongst all our songs, we wanted to keep it simplistic. I also like the in-the-middle-of-the-night theme we chose for the video.

Promo picture by Victor Ekholm

The lyrics on this one came to be in an unorthodox manner. Ari hummed in an imaginary language on the demo he made of the song. I then made a transliteration of what I heard into words and sentences in English. This version actually included some phrases you hear in the finished song. We found out it’s a dreamy kind of song immediately, and wanted to keep it that way. Me, Ari and Esa then tweaked the lyrics into a story that fits the album as well."

'Time Is Not On Your Side' album is released on November 22nd by Inverse Records

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