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Punch Up Records announce that “FlySafe”, the debut single by Spiderthumb, is out Now

Spiderthumb is the stage name of Manchester’s Ben Jenkins. Ben has been a musician since the age of 12, when he picked up bass and guiutar.

He spent a large part of his teens bouncing between indie, rock, funk and metal bands, with none of them quite satisfying him musically. Realising that he needed to forge his own path free from distraction, he started writing his own music while at University of Salford, utilising what he had available to him - bass, guitar and basic analogue synths and drum machines. His current run of musical output came about when he dove deep into Ableton, which allowed to him to be as open and experimental as he wished.

He found his musical home in House and Techno a couple of years ago, and it’s given him a fuller appreciation of electronic sounds and the scope of what can be achieved. Recognising he is still right at the start of his electronic music journey, Ben continues to delve deep into the technology and form of electronic music, and continues to experiment, always pushing forwards towards new forms.