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"Put some glitter on the haters"- Nosoyo new "Glitter"- Video

Nosoyo have already over 9 Million plays on Spotify. At the end of August the new song "Glitter" by the Berlin-based duo Nosoyo was released. Today, when they officially entered the Austrian Indie Charts with this song, the two of them are adding a video to the mix. 

An ode to self-confidence

"Glitter stands symbolically for any variable of an individual: Nationality, sex, personality, feelings, money, style. Any possible characteristics can be lived and expressed with love and pride - the world could be a better place if each of us celebrated their ‘flaws’!"

"This song goes out to everyone who is tired of attracting negative people and old fears that keep us small. It is for those who are ready to break free and say 'Go kiss my glitter!' It is for those who want to feel empowered, have fun, dance and celebrate life. It is for those who need encouragement to speak up and stand up for their rights."

"Our system teaches us to keep our heads down and act accordingly to the rules. We learn that making mistakes is a bad thing, but without failure no creativity is ever possible. It starts with school, we judge ourselves and each other instead of living and letting others live out loud."

Background Info How was the song created? 

"Two brilliant songwriter-friends of ours (one from Amsterdam, one from NYC) happened to be in Berlin at the same. These two women are insanely talented, and when we all got together to write it was pretty much one big party at our little studio." What was the idea?

"Our friend Amber had that phrase in mind - 'Don't touch my glitter' - and so we just jumped on it. Within one hour we came up with so many fun phrases with the word 'Glitter' in it that we quickly had a song. It went almost by itself! The idea was to use the word glitter in a universal sense and to feel empowered by it. Glitter is a fun, encouraging party to let out all the bad vibes and celebrate your existence." What is it about?

"It is an ode to self-value, and about how important it is to move on from naysayers. 'Thank you, next!' Feeling your own worth enables you to stop clinging on to negative thought patterns and negative people that bring you down instead of lifting you up." What is the message?

"Don't let anyone or anything bring you down, focus on yourself! Especially nowadays we tend to compare ourselves to others. Soon we get the idea that they are better than us and that we are not good enough and never will be. The message is to remind us that we are all unique living beings, that we are absolutely perfect as we are right here, right now. I am glitter, you are glitter, we are all goddamn glitter!"

Music Video "The video is supposed to take you into a metamorphosis from dark to light, from caged to free - from one tiny sparkle to an explosion of glitter. " "Glitter is a great pop song that deals with self respect, personality and sexuality, without trying to be moralizing or taking oneself too serious. The video for Glitter is very visual, which makes repeat viewing a joy. We shot parts of the promo in a studio and on location in Berlin during a long day with 39 degrees heat! We used a variation of lenses to give the video two distinctive looks and make the footage shot on location feel more like flashbacks.“ (Ben Galster, director of the music video)

They are on tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

21.09.2019 (DE) Friedrichshafen, Kulturhaus Caserne 03.11.2019 (DE) Leipzig, Täubchenthal 04.11.2019 (DE) Berlin, Privatclub 06.11.2019 (CH) Zürich, Exil 07.11.2019 (DE) München, Muffatcafe 08.11.2019 (AT) Wien, Werk 10.11.2019 (DE) Köln, Studio 672 11.11.2019 (DE) Hamburg, Nochtwache

Feel like you never heard about them? Here is the song, which got over 3 Million Streams already on Spotify: 

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