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Quarry releases surreal animated video for “Everything And Its Opposite”

Indie-Rock Singer-Songwriter Quarry releases a New Animated Music Video for the second single “Everything And Its Opposite”, taken from the album "Super Arcade", out everywhere via Lowfieye. Quarry portrays the paradoxes of this age through important figures in history, as if they were alive today. They act weird to adapt themselves to the modern society, doing the opposite of what is expected of them. The directors Vincenzo Campisi and Francesco Quadri created a surreal video with beautiful visuals and illustrations to emphasize the sarcastic mood of “Everything And Its Opposite”.

Rolling Stone France: “His music is highly contagious…”

Indie Band Guru (USA): “…a sound that is quite unique…”

Xune Mag (UK): “It’s unapologetic power pop-rock and there’s no denying it’s infectious nature.”

Yack Magazine (UK): “The new album comes with ten tracks of indie pop goodness, sprinkled with rock and ambient influence that creates a superb blend of musical nuances.”

NeuFutur (USA): “…the stellar production really shines through. Each constituent part – guitars, drums, vocals – is able to contribute something substantive while still building a cohesive, unitary sound.”

Auralcrave (Italy): “…and if the environment is playful, lyrics are just the opposite: profound and full of meanings, able to investigate the hidden aspects of today’s life, from the point of view of a spiritual artist who can read between the lines.”

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