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Rainbow haired singer-songwriter Chloe Mogg is back with third single of the year ‘Attack

“Firstly, you notice the hair. Long, flowing and daubed in rainbow colours it's like all the magic of Glastonbury Festival rolled into one haircut” - Leigh Sanders, Express and Star

“Gradually carving a name for herself with her unique sound and relentless work ethic, Chloe Mogg is fast becoming a staple of the West Midlands music scene.” - Kieran Rogers, CLOUT

Chloe Mogg’s third single of the year - “Attack” is her most personal release to date. Channeling alternative rock elements, the new release sounds somewhere between Jeff Buckley and Radiohead. Telling the story of an anxiety attack, Chloe quotes, “It’s about how I always felt I had to apologise in advance for my mental health and my disabilities.” Suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (M.E), Fibromyalgia and Anxiety, Chloe’s aim is to raise awareness for millions out there suffering in the shadows of the current pandemic. After all… it’s not the only pandemic going on.

Saying more on the release, Chloe added, “It’s my favourite release so far. It came from a dark place and has evolved into something that I’m so proud to share. It’s moody, theatrical and orchestral, and exactly how I imagined it to sound in my head.”

‘Attack’ features Chloe on vocals, guitar & production, Mirron Webb (RAIN, Hey Jester) on guitar/ bass, vocals, piano & production, and Jack Bowles (Thomas Atlas, Andy Bennett) on drums.

FFO: Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Marika Hackman, Björk

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