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Ralph Pelleymounter - Wild Beast

Ralph Pelleymounter (To Kill a King, Annie Oakley Hanging) releases his pummelling anti-folk debut solo single Wild Beast ; deranged, wild and untamed. The video, a phantasmagoria of black shadows, disturbing masked characters and unnerving scenes of dark anxiety, mirroring the subject matter of Wild Beast it builds towards a sharp climax of chaos.

Pelleymounter also announces his debut album Dead Debutante’s Ball released on 24th May. Recorded by rising production talent Gethin Pearson (Kele Okereke, JAWS, Orla Gartland) in ten long days during Britain’s hottest summer in decades, and named so “because it’s a good title for someone releasing a solo album so late in their career”, Dead Debutante’s Ball is a record that carries a similar sense of mirth and mischief throughout its fourteen songs. There is, it must never be forgotten, a song here called The History Of Line Dancing. There are two about lobsters. But there is also brave storytelling here. A deep well of emotion. Magic.

It’s the clearest and most direct presentation of contemporary Britain’s most underrated songwriter to date.

Ralph Pelleymounter will be headlining Servant Jazz Quarters in London on 4th June, tickets go on sale 3pm Friday 29th March from HERE

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