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Rat Scabies w/ Professor & the Madman share "Time Machine"

Professor and the Madman today share "Time Machine," the debut video from the band's forthcoming Séance album. Séance will be available on yellow vinyl, CD and download via Fullertone Records on November 13. Pre-orders are available now at the group's new Bandcamp.com store, and at www.professorandthemadman.com.

Featuring veterans from both the U.S. and UK rock scenes, Professor and the Madman’s lineup includes vocalist/guitarist Alfie Agnew (Adolescents, D.I.), vocalist/guitarist Sean Elliott (D.I., Mind Over Four), bassist Paul Gray (The Damned, Eddie & the Hot Rods), and drummer Rat Scabies (The Sinclairs, The Damned).

Sung by Agnew, who takes center stage in the video, “Time Machine” is a psychedelicized stroll through cultural and political events of the last century. Additionally, the clip features footage of Elliott, Gray and Scabies during PATM’s live debut at London’s 100 Club in 2018, cartoon versions of the band members designed by NYC artist Cliff Mott, a Madness-influenced “nutty boy” dancer, and a not-so-menacing plastic dinosaur. Agnew’s white lab coat isn’t merely a costuming prop; for his day job, Agnew is a mathematics professor at Cal-State Fullerton. 

“’Time Machine’ says a lot about how Sean and I feel about the state of affairs in the world—all the tumult—and it’s even more relevant now than when we were writing it a year ago,” says Agnew. “The song’s title works on a couple of levels. It ties in with the concept of revisiting our youth which is at the heart of the new album, and it also references the music of the 1960s-1980s which greatly influenced our new set of songs. Although I initially thought the main muse for ‘Time Machine’ was Wings-era Paul McCartney, I quickly realized Brian Wilson was also in our heads. I guess you could say we were channeling Paul McWilson.”

Séance: Tracklist

1. All the Lonely Souls (Vocal: Elliott)

2. Séance (Vocal: Elliott)

3. So Long (Vocal: Agnew)

4. Real Me (Vocal: Elliott)

5. A Child’s Eyes (Vocal: Agnew) 

6. Time Machine (Vocal: Agnew)

7. Man With Nothing to Lose (Vocal: Elliott)

8. Two Tickets to the Afterlife (Vocal: Elliott)

9. The Council of Purgatory (Vocal: Agnew)

10. All the Lonely Souls (Reprise)

11. Greetings From the Other Side (Vocal: Elliott)

12. New World (Vocal: Elliott)

Produced, mixed & mastered by Sean Elliott and Alfie Agnew at Hollydale Studios, Fullerton, California; March 2019-March 2020

All songs by Professor and the Madman

Alfie Agnew: Vocals, guitars, keyboards, horn, tea kettle

Sean Elliott: Vocals, guitars, keyboards, horns, bamboo

Paul Gray: Bass guitar

Rat Scabies: Drums and percussion



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