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RAYNE - New Album News

UK's long standing alchemists of anthemic alt-rock confirm news that recording has commenced for the band's 3rd album release to date and their follow up to 2016's critically acclaimed 'Complex By Design'. 

The collection of new material from RAYNE shall form 'Darkness Visible'. An album anticipated to be completed in the summer of 2020 and coincides with the Sunderland based trio's return to live performances that are expected to reach far out across the UK region. Fan's and followers can expect to immerse themselves in RAYNE's ocean of emotive hook-lines, stadium sized choruses and epic song arrangements, and with this new album - the band claim to be pushing their music into more 'upbeat' and 'full on energetic' directions.

Originally formed during their school days together, the unbreakable creative bond between founding members Ben Potts (Vox/Bass), Adam Dagg (Guitar/Synths) and Steve Naisbet (Drums/Samples) has lasted over 25 years and continues to thrive as a band who over the years have performed at venues and festivals across the UK, developing their cult-following both in their native North East of England and beyond. More news about the new album and tours in 2020 will be released in the coming months. 

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