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Resonance released a music video from their upcoming debut album Out of the Silence!

Finnish modern metal band Resonance released a new single along with music video. The track is taken from their upcoming debut album Out of the Silence which is set to be released on December 13th 2019 by Inverse Records

Resonance's music is all about the brutal meeting of beautiful and technical melodies that are creating an unique approach to it. All four of the band members are experienced and hard-working musicians that have been associated with many bands and projects in the past. They all have different musical influences which is essential for the band's unique and fresh sound. 

pic.and edit by Ville Wiik. Band pic. By Theofanis Kavvadas

The band comments:

"The song ’Out Of The Silence’ features a mix of ambient sequences a catchy straightforward chorus and heavy breakdowns. The song was chosen as a single because of its versatility. It is a well-rounded musical display of the whole album that combines melodic and aggressive riffing."

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