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Resonance released a new single The One featuring Sara Strömmer!

Finnish modern metal band Resonance released a second single THE ONE featuring Sara Strömmer. The track is taken from their upcoming debut album Out of the Silence which is set to be released on December 13th 2019 by Inverse Records.  WATCH 'The One' video

The band comments:

"The One’ presents a bit calmer side of the album. The atmospheric and melodic song didn’t take it’s final shape until it was recorded and edited. In fact it was almost left outside the record altogether. However, the song came really alive when we added the vocals, especially the wonderful voice of guest vocalist Sara Strömmer. The result was really something that we could be proud of." 

Here´s what Sara has to say about the song: "The first time I heard the demo version of the song I got really excited about it. The theme of the song spoke to me and I had the freedom to make my own interpretation of it and so that made the song important to me also personally. The guys in the band have made really excellent work with this one"

Resonance's music is all about the brutal meeting of beautiful and technical melodies that are creating an unique approach to it. All four of the band members are experienced and hard-working musicians that have been associated with many bands and projects in the past. They all have different musical influences which is essential for the band's unique and fresh sound. 

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