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Rev Rev Rev: new video + Eurosonic performance

Rev Rev Rev have been invited to play renowned showcase festival Eurosonic in Groningen, where they're going to perform on Wednesday, 15th January, at All Round Poolcentrum. On the verge of a new adventure in the Netherlands it seemed just right to release a DIY video they shot during the band's trip to Left of the Dial, Rotterdam in 2018.  

'Adrift in the chaosmos', excerpt from new album 'Kykeon' (out now on Fuzz Club), is one of the most shoegazey, blurry tracks; but it also features cosmic wanderings and an odd spaghetti-western riff. 

Since the release of their self-titled debut album back in 2013, Rev Rev Rev – based in Modena, Italy – have repeatedly been hailed as one of the finest new shoegaze bands, clocking up airtime and praise from BBC 6 Music, NPR, Drowned In Sound, Clash Magazine and Bandcamp Daily.   

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