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REVISED - The Sunday Special is here!! DON'T MISS

In my childhood family, we always celebrated Christmas. It was a magical time when my mom made every moment as sweet as it could be.

On one Christmas eve, my mom got me tucked into bed and sleeping soundly, but deep in the night, I was awakened to a noise in the hall. I opened the door to find her up on a ladder heading into the attic! Wide eyed with surprise, my mom was equally surprised to see me! LOL When I inquired, she told me she thought she'd heard reindeer and she was heading into the attic to see if she could find Santa! I later realized that this is where she would hide all the wrapped presents each year to be taken down and put under the tree for that magical Christmas morning effect! Love in action.

In the days leading up to Christmas, she and I would cuddle up on the couch together in the evenings to watch the various syndicated Christmas specials.... and we would often spend a while sitting on the floor in front of the record player where we would play Christmas records and sing along together... What a blessing to have such sweet memories.

In honor of those sweet memories, this year I have recorded one of those special songs that I learned in those evenings with her - and one you will recognize undoubtedly.

Please accept this as a gift  from me and the musical virtuoso, Vito Gregoli.

With a fresh "Gregoli" arrangement & Vito's matchless guitar skills, I know you will be delighted with this classic tune. We had fun creating this for you all.

AND Vito put together a really sweet family video to go with it.  Superhero!


Just one more newsletter before the big announcement on January 1, 2019! I'm excited to share this new phase of my life with you all.

Bright and Happy holidays to all!

I am tremendously blessed to have the ongoing support of independent radio for my music.

Steve and Chrissie of One World Music Radio offered up a radio interview and an amazing written review of my recent release. 

Please click through Here or on the image below to listen or read more

"Kimberly Haynes is back with a breath taking new release on the back of her number one hit of 2016, Awaken Me. This collection of eight exciting new songs is broken up by seven small musical interludes performed on a Sansula by the artist herself, and is probably one of the most exhilarating vocal albums to have been released this year so far." ~ Steve Sheppard, OWM

News Story Provided by Kimberly Haynes