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Revoid drop their EP 'Reform and Regret'

Brisbane-based powerhouse Revoid is set to release their EP Reform & Regret. Plunging deeply into perspectives that people can struggle to put into words, the EP takes a hard look at the difficult side of change that most people silently struggle through on their own. A culmination of their many musical influences, talents, and ideals, this metalcore outfit offers a unique insight into growth derived from personal perspective and lived experience, expressed through their gritty tones, hard-hitting beats and evocative, passionate lyrics.

We wanted to make something entertaining for everyone in a live environment. I’ve been to shows where the band had made a beautiful studio album, but it just didn’t translate live. When assessing the flow of Reform & Regret, I wanted to capture both classic and modern moments alike, giving crowds something both energetic and nostalgic they could resonate with, but with a progressive and personal twist to it.’  – Dale Dudeson (Lead singer)

Taking their craft to the next professional step, they have worked tirelessly with Asylum Audio to produce a riveting insight into the throes of change, pouring their experiences, trials and tribulations into every detail. Lead single Running with Scissors looks back on a journey of growth and navigates the knife’s edge of relapse, a song filled with the desperation to maintain forward momentum and to avoid regression, no matter the cost.

Revoid carry a wealth of live performance experience, the four-piece have played and headlined multiple local events at popular venues such as The Brightside, The New Globe Theatre and The Back Room. The experience translating perfectly into the studio as three songs from their debut EP Dis/Connect found editorial support from Spotify being added to the Core Vibes playlist. With a big nod to classic metal flavours, Revoid’s commitment to versatility and relatability elicits fluid, high energy performances and sets a new standard for the process of change. For Fans Of: Parkway Drive | Bring Me The Horizon | Architects

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