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REVOLUTIO Announce An Important Change Of Line Up

Post-apocalyptic alternative metal band REVOLUTIO is pleased to announce Samuele Casari (DEMETRA’S SCARS) as new rhythm guitar.

Samuele Casari stated:

“I am a big fan of Mad Max and I am very happy to play in a post-apocalyptic band like Revolutio.. Hope to see you soon at our gigs!!!”

The drummer Davide Pulito added:

“Samuele struck us immediately to be a technically gifted and determined musician at the same time. It is a pleasure to work with people like him.”

The band is currently working on the setlist based on the album Vagrant, recently released via Inverse Records. A playthrough video is now available where to see Samuele Casari in action.

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News story provided by Inverse Records