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Richard's Orchestra - "Nothing Nothing"

"Amazing Sunrise" is the first single taken from Richard's Orchestra debut album "Nothing Nothing", out today on Seahorse Recordings.

The song is a warm shower of golden sunrays, the perfect cup of tea for lovers of Asteroid #4,The Holydrug Couple, but also of Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungandThe Byrds.

10 songs dripping melted psychedelia, desert rock and oniric songwriting.

This is Richard's Orchestra “Nothing Nothing”, which title comes as a tribute to Jane's Addiction's Nothing Shocking, also referred by the artwork, conceived by the artist Fabio Campanini.

As it happened with Big Bang, Nothing is the source of 50 minutes of lava-hot psychedelic explosions, an unstoppable creative pulse turning out in interstellar circles.

Based close to Reggio Emilia, Richard's Orchestra were born in mid '10s as instrumental trio, releasing the concept album "Suite".

In 2018, with the addiction of vocals and keyboards, they became a 5 piece combo, writing and recording brand new stuff.

The EP “Rocket 19” was published in 2019, now followed by this stunning full lenght debut for Seahorse Recordings.

Their fascinating vintage and arty attitude already brought them in Liverpool for IPO Festival (International Pop Overthrow) in 2019.

The name of the band sprang to Ivan King's mind in 2013, on his flight back from Festival Internacional de Benicàssim. He used to sit down with friends for a “cerveza” at a place called El Rincon de Richard.

Richard, the owner, was an old guy with a huge belly, always busy drinking beer and smoking fags, except when he disappeared in the kitchen to be back, heavily sweating, with an enormous pan full of hot paella for his guests, served in so generous portions that nobody ever managed to clean a dish. The legendary past of this kind of outcast, rumored to have been a terrorist in his young age, became the subject for many stories, and the visionary inspiration for the band's name.

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