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Rivita - Her Ghost

Ghost is the new single from Rivita.

The single is out now from the NYC based songwriter. Like a flower bursting into bloom, the track grows with a metronomic drum beat to a beautiful chorus.

As we head into the second half of 2019, Rivita’s new single, Her Ghost sees the Brooklyn based alternative pop artist take another step up the musical ladder.

Her music has been featured by iconic platforms such as Beatz By Gals, Browngal Magazine,

Glamglare presents and Rivita performs at iconic NYC and New York State venues such as The

Delancey and Funk & Waffles, Syracuse. Rivita produces and mixes in her studio in Brooklyn and masters her tracks at the iconic Sterling Studios in NYC . Rivita has also worked alongside visual artist Chang William Whang.

Over a year ago Rivita had a life changing experience. Rivita went to Grahamstown, South Africa to work as the lead audio engineer on a Journalistic project.

She explains “While the main focus of my work there was to capture the soundscapes, interviews and ambisonic escapades, what changed my life was meeting all just wonderful musicians there and getting the opportunity to collaborate with them. Through this project I realized how important it is to capture the music from across the world and I hope that in the future I can work towards doing that"

The trip showed the power of freedom of speech and how it is not always available to everyone. With these thoughts, Rivita hopes one day to capture enough sounds and music from across the world and have it play on the headsets of almost everybody worldwide, giving everyone a voice.

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