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Rivita is set to release her next single “Chocolate”

US based songwriter Rivita explains how the lockdown measures affected her and her family in India.

“I did have a show upcoming on the 24th of April and we were booking some shows on the west coast for April/May which we completely had to put on hold. The number of cases is increasing quite manically here and there's a lockdown in India so I literally can't go back home, in the meantime I am waiting for my US artist visa to process!

“My brother just had a baby and I became an aunt last week. India is also on lockdown right now… nobody can go to work and they are putting anybody (even Indian citizens) arriving from abroad in quarantine for 14 days. I am waiting for my visa and for the lockdown to go away before I can go home which can take months right now. “

Rivita lives in Burbank here in LA, a really cosy neighbourhood with lots of shops and grocery stores within walking distance. The suburbs stores are now closed and only a few restaurants and grocery stores are open. Rivita has sound solace in her home studio as she explains.

“I'm very glad I have my studio in my house and I can continue making music. I have a bunch of instruments, some of them which I purchased from all around the world and I use Logic to record and produce. It's a very quiet neighbourhood and usually I can just record myself from home. Production wise, not much has changed in my process since I was producing like this before the lockdown as well. I'm lucky to have friends all of the world who can record themselves from home as well and perform on my music. “

After the successful reveal of the first single “Someone Else’s Arms”, Rivita is set to release her next single “Chocolate

Her previous single “Someone Else’s Arms” came out with a huge bang after premiering on Rolling Stone, India, being picked up by BBC London as their song of the month and making it to the Semi Finals for the International Songwriting Competition. A story of lost love, the song was compared to Lana Del Rey and Linkin Park by many. Accompanied with a music video filmed at the San Pedro Coast in Los Angeles the song beautifully depicts deep emotion. 

“Chocolate” is quite the contrast, in this short 2 minute treat of a song, we experience Rivita’s sultry voice telling us about her favourite kind of Chocolate - yummy! Recorded, written and produced between her New York City Apartment and LA Apartment by Rivita, the song features guitar work by Monty Craig and was mastered at the iconic Sterling Studios in NYC by Idania Valencia. 

Chocolate by Rivita

Lyrics + Music - Rivita Guitar + bass - Monty Craig Mastered by Idania Valencia

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