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Robert Vendetta is a Norwegian artist, gaining popularity both locally and abroad over the last years. His previous album, Miss Martinez, gave him a small radio hit. The first singles preceding his second album have been played on the radio on four different continents. He keeps getting new fans from many countries, and is excited to release his second album Headed out of my league just as the buzz keeps growing.

Robert Vendetta himself brands his music as retropop, or modern old. He combines the singability and catchiness of the evergreens in pop music with modern intensity and sound. His songs sound like classics, even though they could never have been made in an earlier period of time. They’re a crossover between different genres like pop, rock, funk and country.

Robert Vendetta is very conscious of the visual aspects of his music, and this is very clear for everyone that attends to one of his very vibrant concerts. Over the last year, however, he has also made three very impressive music videos that communicates his visual communication skills beyond the live set.

The album........

Headed out of my league, Robert Vendettas second solo album, is darker and more energetic than the previous one. It’s an album loaded with dancy songs, memorable tunes, and an optimistic vibe even though there is a fair amount of darkness. This one goes to eleven!

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