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Sail By Summer - Facing Dullness

Facing Dullness is the second single of melancholic Nordic band Sail by Summer. An indie math guitar excursion exploding into denser rock territory. William Hut with his characteristic voice and his long time Danish collaborator Jens Kristian behind the keys. Together they have created this universe inspired by the nature that surrounds them. Facing Dullness is based on indifference in the modern society.

Facing Dullness • Reviews

Sail by Summer might be our new Scandi-favourites. ‘Facing Dullness’, the latest track from the duo, comes during what seems to be another booming period for Scandinavian indie folk (see also our Tilde Hjelm review from last year). With a sound that they describe as ‘modern and organic’, Norwegian William Hut and Dane Jens Christian released their first single ‘Low Tide Exit’ towards the end of 2018, with ‘Facing Dullness’ arriving shortly after.

Their second single incorporates more of a pop style, with a syncopated keyboard intro before the reverberating guitar and drums join the mix. It’s a wistful, yet hope-inspiring song, and you can see why Hut has won a Grammy for his work in the past. Hut’s vocals match the raw vulnerability of the song, with the lyrics a testament to days wiled away facing a vast expanse of openness: ‘Out of the blue, into the wild / Collecting hours in this precious game.’

…a testament to days wiled away facing a vast expanse of openness. There’s a likeness to Villagers in Sail by Summer’s style, probably down to their ability to meld ballad-esque song construction with catchy hooks. The pair cite the mountains and fjords of Western Scandinavia as the inspiration for their song-writing, and it’s true that you could easily see their work as a soundtrack to the resurgence of nature in Spring (we’re still holding out for this in Berlin). You can check out ‘Facing Dullness’ on all the usual channels right now, as well as brand new single ‘Casual Drive’. Indie Berlin (GER)

Sail By Summer ist ein norwegisches Indie-Rock-Duo aus Bergen, aus dem auch z.B. Kakkmaddafakka oder Vita Bergen stammen. Kürzlich haben sie ihre neue Single „Facing Dullness“ via Apollon Records veröffentlicht. Es ist ihre zweite nach „Low Tide Exit“ vom September.

Sail By Summer bestehen aus Sänger und Grammy-Gewinner William Hut, früheres Mitglied der in den Neunziger Jahren sehr erfolgreichen Band Poor Rich Ones, sowie Keyboarder Jens Kristian. Inspiriert von der skandinavischen Natur machen Sail By Summer einen etwas melancholischen, trotzdem zugänglichen Sound mit zum Teil sehr sphärischen Gitarren. Hier das Video zu dem Song für alle Naturliebhaber. Musikblog (GER)

Sail By Summer: Facing Dullness

Facing Dullness, the new single by Scandinavian duo Sail By Summer is a mixed bag of emotions. The lyrics are drenched in melancholia and ennui, but the music is a smart slice of electropop.

This inner tension works quite well and is in sync with the local weather that Danish keyboard player Jens Kristian and Norwegian singer William Hut have to deal with in their current place of residence Bergen: lots of rain interspersed with glorious sunny days. Hans Werksman, Here Comes The Flood (Netherlands)

Sail By Summer

Facing Dullness is perhaps the best new song I’ve heard so far this year. It takes a moment to really kick in, the overall sound is fairly familiar – warm and indie-pop-like in nature, but once you really hear it; you can’t un-hear it. There’s a beautiful aura to this song – the concept, the set-up, the humble yet fitting nature of the vocals and the surrounding instrumentation. Sail By Summer introduce their creative approach in a partly nostalgic yet simultaneously thoughtful and refreshing way. The first instance in which the hook appears is the first moment at which the song really starts to find its feet – that sudden change in melody, the wonderful poetry and inspiring energy of the lyrics here; the way that guitar riff cascades at the end of each line. It’s a superb progression, simple yet incredibly colourful and effective for its addictive qualities.

As the song continues, you start to really understand and connect with it. That central sentiment is uplifting and rather motivational – the very idea of Facing Dullness was perhaps an intriguing vagueness initially – by the latter half of the song though, it’s something with a whole new meaning.

The band’s leading singer has a gorgeous voice, a little Phil Collins-esque with a hint of Paul Simon in some ways. There’s a subtle yet genuine tone to the presentation of these ideas, so you feel that connection all the more strongly. As the song builds, the instrumental layers reach higher and higher, and the whole thing rains down around you in this hypnotic, immersive and energizing manner. A stunning song, simple yet effective, written with depth and intention. An absolute must for the long-term playlist of 2019. Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman

SXS Will Brighten Up Your Day With “Facing Dullness”

Sail By Summer’s sweet new single “Facing Dullness” gives a great glimpse of what’s to come from the duo. Upbeat, melodic math rock as fresh in sound as fallen snow, sunlit, is in sight. Bluest of blue… No land in view… You’re on a trip, but your ship isn’t moving. Sinking, swimming, sinking, submerging… Walking the floor towards a place you once knew. “…Your soul is your token.” At its intro, “Facing Dullness” embraces us with warm synthesized arpeggios.

As the song progresses, it opens up to choral melody and a wealth of detail so dense it deceives the senses, seemingly moving as a single wave. Noise rock retro squeals, purrs and whines give the guitar sounds in this song a certain something you’ll want to keep around.

There’s an abundance of movement in “Facing Dullness,” kinetic yet calm. Boisterous yet mellow, Sail By Summer set us afloat on a tide of tempestuous harmony. Swirling sonic chroma creates a whirlpool of sound, and we swim at its center.

Take a moment to melt into this song. It’s prog. rock at its finest, with all the sweet little touches that made the genre so enticing and more. Set your crosshairs on the play button. Jeff Odd Nugget

SAIL BY SUMMER is a project of Norwegian artist William Hut and Danish collaborator Jens Kristian, behind the keys. ‘Facing Dullness’ is an amalgamation of thoughts and the attitude of that existence, with driving synth and new-wave lyrical waves.

The melancholic relevance of rock elements and streaming emotional promises, make the single a train of intentions that shouldn’t be stopped. The anthemic determination of the song’s attitude reside in the hearts of our souls, for we are, deep inside, very much alike. In the rain quenched part of Scandinavia, there exists a candid parting shot for the life that we live. That is the call of Sail By Summer. Let them in to your life. Come Here Floyd

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