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Sandtimer hit the road with 'Three Cars'

Just a month after their last single, 'Different Seas', UK-based indie folk band Sandtimer have launched their next song, 'Three Cars'. Featuring warm vocal harmonies, intricate acoustic guitar playing reminiscent of the 70s folk scene and ambient, plaintive brass accompaniments, 'Three Cars' fuses Sandtimer's appetite for reflective storytelling with an upbeat folk track that evokes travel and the open road.

Regarding Three Cars, which is another single from Sandtimer's upcoming second album, Running In Sunlight, vocalist and guitarist Rob Sword said:

“Some time ago I saw three sports cars in someone’s drive. They had personalised number plates and were parked in ascending numerical order. Seeing this made me think about what the owner might have sacrificed of their own freedom and happiness to acquire these status symbols.”

The album Running in Sunlight, which will be released this October, sees the band take a loose and immediate approach to the creative process, with the songs being written and recorded over a short timeframe, with sparser instrumentation than their previous music.

“This album isn’t about anthems,” says Simon Thomas, vocalist and guitarist. “It’s our attempt at exploring the raw edges of the climate we live in- the uncomfortable parts as well as the beauty. We wanted to give ourselves space to do this intimately and honestly.”