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Say Yes, Do Nothing - Making It Die

Punchy, edgy, catchy Yank rock: Say Yes, Do Nothing (SYDN) are a four-piece guitar-driven original rock band based in north London.

This band combines their vast experience and musical influences to perform memorable , bold, punchy songs with angst ridden lyrics and anthemic choruses. Their unique sound is neatly fused together with vocal harmonies, guitars, harmonica and mandolin.

Founding members Dave (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) and Simon (bass/backing vocals) met Michael (drums/backing vocals) at a gig in Kentish Town in late 2018. Soon after, Dan (lead guitar/backing vocals) joined after answering an advert on BandMix.

With their own permanent rehearsal/recording studio in Camden, London, SYDN are able to craft their songs at leisure, anytime 24/7. The band all contribute to the songwriting, collaboratively adding, subtracting and combining all the music, production and lyrics.

Currently the band are busy with many headline London gigs and are recording a forthcoming four track EP entitled ‘Depth Charge’ planned for release in early 2019.

Winners of the 2018 Future Music Showcase Award, their songs are raw and poetic street reports on personal experiences with homelessness, abortion, abuse, alcoholism and injustice. Singer/songwriter Dave Eastman hails from the USA, where his previous band's album was named the Los Angeles DIY Album of the Year (‘Apron Strings’ by Breech). Say Yes, Do Nothing's first video, ‘Making it Die’, has just been released with Neon Temple productions.


“The music by Say Yes, Do Nothing is best described as a band who take inspiration from the wide canon of classic rock and alternative genres that have gone before them. Many of their songs contain an atmospheric intense mixture of sounds; swinging between raunchy hypnotic vocals, hard hitting guitars and thunderous staccato drums.”

“The songs so far penned by this new exciting band hailing from North London comprise of a well paced dynamic alternative punk/rock set that delves into relationships, personal angst and the darker aspects of life, love and beyond.”

Discovered via Musosoup