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Scottish Folk/Pop Songstress, Cody Feechan, Releases Heart-warming Single “Free Falling”

“on my radar since last year’s debut single Manhattan Sky” - Jim Gellatly – The Scottish Sun/Amazing radio

“Her strong, sweet, sometimes husky voice is perfect for the wide variety of songs she has belted out over the past few years” Heard Not Herd

Single “Satisfaction” released September 2019 and quickly named Single Of The Week on RAPAL at BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal

Winner of the ‘Home Grown Talent’ at the Kingdom FM Local Hero Awards 2019, Cody Feechan releases her first single of 2020, Free Falling”, building on the success and momentum she’s gained over the last twelve months.

Discussing her new song, Cody reveals: “I wrote ‘Free Falling’ about a year ago, and it’s a song that is quite personal to me for a few different reasons: for one it’s actually about addiction and tells the story of someone who is going through the experience of being an addict”.

This sobering inspiration grounds the song strongly in the harsh reality of life and has the power to offer comfort listeners: “I remember taking the song to the band once I’d finished writing it and together, we developed it into something pretty big”. In this 

In a bittersweet way, the feelings of euphoria and reassurance that emanate from “Free Falling” makes it a wonderful song during these anxious times of self-isolate. It is an ideal pick-me-up for lovers of fine music.

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